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Massage thérapeutique

Specialized kinesiology or kinesitherapy

Manual therapy and therapeutic exercises are part of a treatment framework based on the principle of muscular rebalancing, with active participation by the subject in his or her treatment.

Test du bas Dorsal

After a personalized clinical observation including visual, palpatory and mobilization examinations, the kinesiologist will perform

- Therapeutic massage with active participation of the subject

- Gentle mobilization maneuvers respecting physiological amplitudes

- Learning exercises to achieve musculoskeletal balance and better posture

- Personalized exercise programs to prevent relapses

- Therapeutic follow-up to prevent recurrence of musculoskeletal discomfort

- Multi-disciplinary follow-up in association with other members of the healthcare field to ensure optimal care of the subject

Traitement des douleurs articulaires

The active participation of the patient is also essential, in order to provide simple, personalized advice and exercises that will prolong the benefits of treatment in the comfort of their own home, or in their social, professional or sporting activities. In this way, the patient becomes an active participant in his or her own treatment, reducing the time and cost of sessions.

Source: AKKOMQ

Service en kinésithérapie
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