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Amis exerçant ensemble
Amis exerçant ensemble


Kinesiology is the science of exercise and movement to promote health and well-being, prevent, manage and rehabilitate injury, treat illness and chronic disease, restore function and optimize human performance.

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This is a therapeutic treatment for patients who require musculoskeletal care based on muscular rebalancing, in which the patient actively participates in his or her rehabilitation, continuing to exercise as part of his or her normal activities. Treatment will usually include gentle mobilization maneuvers and a patient-specific exercise program to restore musculoskeletal balance. The expertise of kinesiologists in this field greatly facilitates a faster return to normalcy for the injured patient.

Woman Running
Exercices d'étirement

Chronic pain that can easily be cured by kinesiology includes chronic headaches, migraines and tension headaches, tendonitis, muscle or joint stiffness, spinal pain or discomfort, sciatica and myofascial syndromes, among others.

Source: AKKOMQ

Service en kinésiologie
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